By Buti Botopela

Ikemeleng is a mining community within the vicinity of 5 big mining houses namely Sibanye Stillwater,Glencore,Samancor Lanxess and Anglo American platinum and its situated just +-7km outside rustenburg and its registered as ward 35 under the Rustenburg local municipality.

The illegal dumping site has been reported on and on but there is nothing happening at all about the dumping site.

There is a project implemented by Rustenburg Local Municipality and its named Redirela Sechaba,and its not even enough to deal with all the household disposed materials that are being dumped into this illegal dumping site because it has about 12 employees.

The dumping site is just in the centre of the community and the is a bad smell arising from the dumping site, The dumping site its turned into a grazing land for animals such as pigs, dogs and goats.

Since the Covid 19 pandemic the dumping site is worse than before because the rotten vegetables and other foods are disposed to the dumping site so the smell is bad and the people still dumping on the site even now at time.

So my personal experience about the dumping site is that during sunny or windy times the smell arising is so bad that you can’t even eat sitting outside the house during the day, it’s much better at night.

The cleaning project need to employ about 38 more people to do the job better than now every section need to have at least 10 people per section as lkemeleng consists of 5 sections. A total number of 50 people can be enough to clean the community at their best.