Palm Springs in the Vaal
Rapule Moiloa

Bad land that was a community waste land for many years behind these shops is successfully turned in to good land for food security during lockdown. This piece of land used to be a home for rats for years, the community used to dump waste when it was not collected on the day that was supposed to be collected.

The bad smell had affected people staying close by for years including rats, today the piece of land was cleaned to be used for something that will benefit people at least people will have fresh food from this garden. This garden is started by an old man together with a couple of guys who were called nyaope boys because they were addicted to nyaope drug that is still terrorising young boys and girls in townships.

Today the community of Palm Springs in section H is happy to have this vegetable garden rather than rats and what makes even the community happy is the boys don’t steal anymore but are a great help so said those who saw these vegetable garden begin.