Vusimuzi Tembisa Ekurhuleni
Rapule Moiloa

These morning l realised that water pressure is relaxed had to fill buckets with water while the government has been advising people to wash their hands regularly or sanitize the hands. Now there’s no water and maybe people were not even aware that water is being cut off now that Ekurhuleni is one of the metro’s that was spotted as one of the hot spot the question is with what will the people wash their hands regularly when they don’t have a sanitizer for it is not every one who afford can afford a sanitizer.

People in Tembisa pay rates and taxes every month but there is no water many people prefer washing their hands with water and soap these must be done on while the tap is running because these is the only way to have clean hands but to my surprise there is no water.

We are facing a deadly virus that must be washed out from our hands every time but without water we don’t know what will happen because many people don’t have sanitizers the question is does the municipal care about the health of the people at least they were supposed to have announced to alert the community so that people can fill the buckets with water.