25 MAY 2020

Informal labour is left out from the relief efforts by the government. Cosatu represent just a fraction of the labour in South Africa which is the organised labour whom majority are public servants.

As numbers allow for a federation like Cosatu to speak on behalf of labour but they speak for formally employed labour those of who quality for privileges like the UIF and so forth.

Majority of labour force in South Africa is by and large the informal labour which is not organised or do not see themselves as labour but as hustlers bagheresi.

This are workers who would on a bad day make R80. This are Salon hairdressers, Taxi Washers, Car washers, chesa nyama mamas, trolley pushers, waste recyclers, ice juice and chips sellers, Road side a day painters, tilers etc all this workers cannot quality for any business relief or UIF but they quality for a meagre R350.

A question was posed to me by one washing a friend’s car. “So bareng ka rona my bro…” “Ek mean R350 e nyane blind gore nka pusher wa bona my bro”

In essence the biggest losers are the informal workers as they have lost their income only to be given R350.

As activists on the ground the pandemic has exposed even us as foot soldiers as we offer no alternative nor assistance.