Mmathapelo Thobejane
11 July 2020

The covid-19 hit the mining communities now everyone is concerned about their health, the past 2 weeks we saw many families who are tested positive and they are mine workers. The question is what is it that the mine do about it?
For the poor communities what is there is to pray to God that we don’t get infected for which is impossible because we are the ones who stays with the affected family and most family they don’t disclose their status and we just see when the people cone and disinfect their houses. It is clear that mines don’t care about us the communities, if they care they should trace all the movement not for their employees but even their families so that they can be sure we are all safe. We are staying pensioners and kids and they are the most vulnerable.

My question is that us this how they want to finish us? Now everyone in the neighbourhood start to take this seriously but it’s already too late.
Mines must take responsibility and test the whole community, when i ask one of the people on the street the women said. “it will be better for the mine to take all their employees and accommodate them on hostels so that we will be safe.”

Mining communities are in a danger now and the mine and government must act now before is too late.