Tunatazama - Community Monitors


Sefikile village
Amo Tshabalala

On the 09/06/06 we had community members visiting us at the community office complaining what is the office doing since this COVID19 is taking control of their finance? Because there is nothing that they can do everything is stay home and be safe?

What contribution can the office make to help those who are in need of the food parcels honestly?

As the community leaders from the Lekgotla, Board and the Council what is it that we are doing to assist those in need?

We as the Lekgotla, board and the council felt the pressure as the community asking those kinds of questions and some the members felt humiliated and disrespected by the community members that they think they are not doing anything and they are working hard to provide for them.

The community said since you are working hard and saying that you providing please then do provide food now for your hard work. It was very difficult to explain but at the end we as the leaders managed to explain in full that we are still in discussions with few of the companies that wants to mine in our village and before the end of next week we are going to distribute food parcels and in the mean time they need to give the office the names of the people who need the food parcels and they did just that.

Fortunately on the 11/06/06 we had visitors from Matai mining bringing food parcels at the community office as I was tasked to lead the discussions on how the community needs those food parcels.

It all paid out well even though the community was complaining in the beginning that we are not thinking of them in this time of COVID19 and we asked for forgiveness for that and that it would never happen again and that they had to go through such without us noticing and they were happy even though it was not that enough but it made a difference.

We all good now even though it is still hard now for others and it made us realise that we need to make plans on how to stabilise the situation that we are at now COVID19 including other community leaders into the discussions using the WhatsApp to follow the COVID19 rules.

Still in discussions with other community leaders of different organisations.