Kgokong Moraka

Kraalhoek village is under Moses Kotane local municipality. In the past two weeks majority of our community members had flu like disease, which according to me was shocking.

When asking about sign and symptoms of this flu, they said they were experiencing, shortness of breath, headache which they felt heat between their brain and skull, a little cough, they could not smell, and food taste changed altogether.

They said they went to the local clinic fearing that this might be corona virus but their temperature was normal.

They were given flu medication, which according to them reduced symptoms.

Fear and confusion of what is might be, we always had flu but this is more than flu said one of them.

Their fear is also re-infecting others and dealing with the unknown disease. These is what two of them did to wipe away all this symptoms.

Even though it was challenging to stand for a long time, I took a glass of lengana every morning, glass of hot lemon water during the day and vitamin c supplement during the night and steam my whole body every night.

Another one said I saw something on a WhatsApp circulating because I had no choice but to try it and worked for me.

I boiled the leafs of lemon tree, pour the whole med-lemon sachet, teaspoon of bicarbonate, and honey, and steam by body every night using peppermint leaves (peperboom) for 4 days and I was well. Fear of corona virus is growing day after day and people will do anything to get rid of any signs and symptoms related to flu. We hope the WHO will keep updating us in time of anything new about this virus