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Corruption of Rustenburg traffic Cops

24 July 2020
Ikemeleng – Kroondal
Phindile Ngobeni

On the 23 July 2020, 13h45 I was from Ikemeleng to Rustenburg town when traffic cops stopped the taxi I was in. +- 30 minutes waiting for taxi driver to come back. There were two traffic cops at Kroondal Spar where the traffic cop like to wait for cars.

Really that is something happening between taxi driver and traffic cops. Because our taxi driver was the first to be stopped, but other taxi driver didn’t take time than our driver. When he comes back I asked him, why he took long, he told me that the traffic cop want him to pay him R 500 or he will give him ticket of R1000. He said the reason to take long is because he disagreed to give him that R500. The taxi driver said the reason for traffic cop to stop him is because he overtaken on left side next to stop sign.

He end up accepting the ticket then to pay R500. He also told me that he is new to the taxi he is driving that’s is why he argued with traffic cop. I asked him if he has money he would pay it and he said yes is how they work all taxi drivers. When I said that they pay with our life he agreed with me but said corruption is from the top no one can stop it.

Our traffic cops help the taxi drivers to kill us because of money. I wish our government can change strategy and protect us as people are dying everyday due to money, especially month end because taxi drivers work according to weeks. The guy explain how they work, he said during the month daily checking are not too much but month end daily checking must be up. So that is why they drive like crazy people and forget about people’s lives including theirs he added that to be taxi driver is like digging ourselves 6 feet underground.