Buti Botopela

Ikemeleng community it’s an informal settlement made up by mine workers who opted for living out instead of hostel accommodation Over 60 years ago and the settlement is located in Kroondal just +-7km outside Rustenburg Cbd.

Kroondal communities are Ikemeleng, Bolane, Phoane, Lekojaneng and Sonorwater are not happy are very dissatisfied with the crime taking place in kroondal communities at large.

Most of them talk about it and now everyone is looking forward to see a change about the crime taking place during this pandemic time, most of tenant lost their belongings because of this Covid-19 and loss of jobs.

During an interview with Mr Kolobi I asked him of his personal view and experience about the crime taking place in Kroondal communities He said; ‘’The police are incompetent to the suffering of the community due to this heartless, reckless criminals and their friends to the police working in Kroondal communities’’.

The councillor, police and community must come together to elect street committees and policing forum to deal directly and alleviate this cause.

We as Activists and communities Urge all stakeholders to come together and alleviate this problem with leadership of the community and ensuring safety and support for themselves