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Funerals service during COVID 19

29July 2020 Klerksdorp
Mahadio Mohapi

Since lockdown we buried our people without making our rituals during the funeral. These disease has killed many people in our Area. We experienced hurting funerals because of this pandemic.

As we know that as black people we have different rituals that we have to perform to our disease before we buried them. Then suddenly everything changed and because now we have to burry people without making any cultural rituals that have to make to our diseased before the funeral and before we buried them.

The worse part that is hurting is that we know that as black people we use the shovel to close the grave. It’s so sad to see that at the grave are being closed using a TLB (tractor).And also the issue of 50 people to attend the funeral is not good at all because some of the family members who reside at some different parts of the country cannot attend the funeral at least they must say 70 people.