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Women in Ikemeleng form farming cooperative mining zone, preparing for post mining life.

2020 / 08 / 25
Ikemeleng Kroondal
Ikemeleng Woman in farming
Steven Ramokhula

Ikemeleng is based in Kroondal outside Rustenburg in the North West Province. It is well known for hosting multiple mining companies in the Rustenburg area.

For over the years, people of Ikemeleng have been depending more on the mining sector to provide employment and boast economy of the Rustenburg area.

The 2014 platinum belt strike have left people stranded and out of employment. Economy of the entire country collapsed. Rustenburg was the most affected as many of the platinum mining companies are based in Rustenburg.

The Pandemic that saw the entire country go on a lockdown, also left people stranded for a better economy that does not only rely on mining. People are now starting to wonder what will happen after mining. An alternative economy is needed now. People need to prepare now for an alternative economy.

Women in Ikemeleng have now decided to move away from relying more on the mining sector but to start up a farming corporative. I facilitated their meeting today and make arrangements for them to meet with the mine official for presentation.