Molomo Molomo
Masodi village Mokopane

The traditional leaders are busy selling our LAND and the government is folding hands because they are behind all this activities. Turfspruit farm is a farming area. Our traditional leaders are selling each stand at a price of 15 to 20 000 per stand.
On the other site they are forcing community members to occupy the LAND for burial rights next to the village. We took them to court.

The other side graves are the old one’s which have been left by their families when they were forcefully removed during that time of Bantustans. What hurt most is that most of the people who are occupying the stands are male. What about us woman? Because LAND rights are also Human rights not Man rights. This shows that Man are still having that pride of saying woman are just woman they cannot occupy the LAND.
I’m just waiting for them to reach my ploughing field area. I will show them that l know my rights as an activist, we must protect our Environment. There is no way that a LAND should be taken by force. An Agricultural LAND is for Agriculture. It not reasoned to be a living area. What is happening in MOKOPANE it’s a mess. Land Reform office in Polokwane is watching the game. We try several times to call them to intervene. They are just useless as usual. On Monday we are going to court to support other woman whom they took their LAND by force