Christinah Mogobye

Moses Kotane Local Municipality



Ever since we moved to the level of lockdown people have been behaving irresponsibly and recklessly. Even at the shops they no longer monitor customers, they just sanitize and check temperatures. Despite daily statistics of Covid-19 cases people are still ignorant. People think that Covid-19 is gone, and our children also believe that it’s gone because they see elders disregarding lockdown rules. Even in the taxis people no longer wear masks, taxi drivers also don’t wear them.

They do the same thing they do with the safety belt. They only buckle up when they see cops, so even with the masks they do the same and that is a bad habit that put people’s lives at risk. I always remind them that they carry people’s lives and the sooner they remember that, the sooner they care and be considerate. This is very bad because Covid-19 spreads faster where people are gathered and one of them is positive. I wish we could take it seriously as we did some months ago when it started, maybe we would be on level 0 now. Can we all cooperate and show our communities that Covid-19 is real and still exists. A change begins with us.