Thekwana, Rustenburg


Lockdown exposed the good, bad and the worst of all people. Some learned either the hard or the easier way, some still ignore and some do not know what is going on. Parenthood is having been done by misperception. Either good or bad unfortunately children are on the receiving end. Most parents transferred morals, discipline and talent discovery of their children to the educators or to the schools. This was exposed since the beginning of the lockdown. Fathers and mothers had an opportunity to discover their children’s strengths and weaknesses, empower and bond with them. Most parents had to become full-time teachers to make sure that kids do not lose focus and interest in education.

Unfortunately, I foresee a large number of dropouts due to lack of interest, pregnancy, crime and others. 90% of children are full time on the streets vulnerable to undesired incidents and all evil due to lack of parental care. Parents are watching soapie, repeats, catch-ups, under the trees drinking cold drinks and Marie biscuits or sleeping. They are also grumpy that their children are not full time at school. The gap between parents and the children has been seized as an opportunity by the criminals. There are now children kidnappings, children introduced to the crimes at the shopping complexes, drowns in excavated exposed mining holes filled with rainwater and are hurt and killed by car due to playing long hours on busy roads.

This is a clear example of the parent’s ignorance. A group of 5 children between 9 and 15 years were travelling about 2 kilometres home while playing on the main road. All of a sudden, a car approached from the back 4 of them changed side, the fifth one was undecided but at the last moment he decided to join his friends but that was the fatal wrong decision he made. The car struck him and he was fatally wounded. Emergency services arrived and quickly stabilized and transported him to the hospital. He succumbed to the injuries and was declared dead a day later. This incident was avoidable, there is a walkway on that road and the community should come together to educate and protect our children.