Steven Ramokhula

Ikemeleng Kroondal


26 / 11 / 2020

Ikemeleng over the years has been known to be a very violent community. Many people around Rustenburg did not want to live or visit Ikemeleng due to the rate of violence in the community. Many activists over the years have written reports and stories of violence in Ikemeleng and that has caught the attention of the police as they started to be visible in the community. That led to the decrease in the number of violent cases from Ikemeleng. Ever since the pandemic started back in March this year,the violence dropped again as the police and soldiers were very much present. Now that it is towards the end of the year, violence and armed robberies are rising at a high speed and the visibility of police is very rare. Majority of the residents in our community are.

Foreign nationals and become very violent and dangerous when it’s this time of the year. In the last three weeks, the police have arrested about 8 people in connection with armed robberies and violence. All the accused are foreign nationals from Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Lesotho. We need more police visibility in our community especially during this time of the year. More people are going home this coming month and their houses will become targets to nyaope addicts and mostly foreign nationals who have proven to be at the very top of every crime in