Goitsemodimo Gaborone

Motlhabe village

Moses kotane municipality

31 October 2020

It’s been two-month full community of Motlhabe don’t have water knowing that water is life but our municipality and our ward councillor don’t care about their people in this community during this difficult time of covid19. The community of Motlhabe have jojo donated by the Pilannesburg platinum mine a few years ago but the mine and municipality do not fill up the tank with water. The community have been engaged with the municipality to supply them with water but the officials at the department of water and sanitation said they will not supply the water to the jojo thanks that do not belong to the municipality.

The community has no way to go for help hence we still fighting this covid 19 and water is playing an important role to fight this virus because we must wash our hands regularly as per covid 19 regulations.