Mpumalanga province

Maria Madonsela
Ext 18 kwaguqa
21 January 2021

On the 29 December the president announced that the country will go back to level 3 due to the higher rate and death rate of people infected with covid 19. The selling of alcohol and taverns were closed. This shows that this disease is still taking our beloved people,every where they are crying about the same thing, the corona. This pandemic is still taken as a serious case in our country and people are required to follow the rules and regulations of levels 3 stage by the president or the government.
As the president said we need to work together so that we can be able to conquer this decease that is why we should always wash our hands,sanitise and keep social distances but people in my area and other areas are not taking this seriously as they still make parties, go in groups and don’t wear their masks. Sometimes we are even scared to go out of the house, hi to the shops and to buy groceries because we don’t know when or where the virus is hiding. this is very scarry as we live in fear.