Christinah Mogobye

Sefikile village.

Moses Kotane Local Municipality


Compliance is still a problem even after the president announced Lockdown level 3. There is still no change in my community despite the high death rate in our community and neighbouring villages. Young boys in my neighbourhood are still playing soccer even after I reprimanded them countless times they just ignored me and because I was on quarantine and not seeing them, it became worse. This is the most dangerous part of getting infected because they share a ball, can’t play wearing masks and spit on the ground and touch that ball without wearing gloves.

Shortly before New year’s day, just after the President’s Lockdown 3 speech, few people were arrested for not wearing masks. I was so shocked that we still have such people in our community.  We are next to the mines and now the situation might get worse because mines who went home for festive holidays ere not requested to test atleast a week before reporting to work. They would have been more careful knowing that they  Covid-19 certificates would be requested from them but that didn’t happen and it could have mitigated the high rate of infections. I hate to say staying next to the mine is a disadvantage but honestly, it’s  a high risk.