Petrus Moshe



Petrus Moshe

The pandemics which has devasted the economic and claimed countless lives had prompted the President, Ramophosa to reverse Covid19 to level 3. These precautionary measures have raised eyebrows and questions why churches are to be closed again, whilst Casinos and other business facilities to operate and excluding the church.

Is the President decision anti church? This indeed the gist of matter that need be look into and subjected to scrutiny and discussion. I am inclined to believe the churches should not be super spreader of this pandemics but rather be a solution to the problem. The morale and general ethics should be deeply embedded to her teaching to serve humanity at all cost and protect the sacred live of all.

All interfaith, Christians, Moslem, Buddhism believe that human lives is sacred and human dignity should be protected and upheld. It is there moral obligations to inculcate human lives is sacred, and to teach they own members to change behavioral patterns and act in the manner of being responsible to safe guard themselves. Casinos are profit first and care not of human lives hence for the President to close Churches is not anti Churches and Anti-God.

The Mosques and Churches are meant to save the lives, because human being are the foundations agent and the ending of being themselves, tempering against this, in whatever form is tantamount of being against the creator. This indeed a good decision by President to do this, Amandla!