01 FEB 2021

In most cases female mine workers are being used as sex objects or high libido reliever, favours work a lot before you could be considered to be given an opportunity. In other cases their superiors would ask for sex in return for money,or a promotion, even on interviews they would be asked for money and if they do not have it they would be told that there is another way obviously being a task to bend over.a single mother of 2 under the name of Nthabiseng has also experienced this the hard way as she had to buy work with her private part for the sake of her children. She never reported and yet she’s still afraid to because it’s been a year and a half now and she believes no one would believe her.

Most women working in mining industries they do not feel safe because their male co-workers they do not see them as colleagues but they see sex objects. “The looks they give us you could see that they have already undressed u” said Nthabiseng. The fear to speak out it plays a major role on victimising women even worse because sexual violence against women it’s all over the world and unreported by the victim’s, reason being the fear of being a joke, unwanted, humiliated, intimidated and end up losing their jobs.

The world is not fair to woman.