Christinah Mogobye

Sefikile village

Moses Kotane Local Municipality

24- March- 2021

Covid-19 has always been put biggest worry since last year, but to some mothers it means nothing. Why do we bring kids to the world and then abandon and abuse them? The poor grandmothers are left with kids, no food, no clean clothes and this is very sad. We are supposed to be looking after our grandmothers and our parents and not the other way around.

Our parents must be politely asked to look after our kids, they must not be forced to do so or be left with no choice but to look after them. Even during this lockdown, the young mothers are neglecting their kids and go to play cards, booze and spend time with their boyfriends. They don’t wear masks and come home to infect their old aged parents. This is what is happening in our community and it hurts. An old lady reported this to me as a matter of concern and I referred her problem to a home-based caregiver who reported to the social worker and it is sad because even now the situation has not changed. I won’t give up on this case as an activist.

It is so sad that we are losing our old citizens in our community because of these careless young mothers. This old woman has to lock herself in a room to avoid being infected by her irresponsible daughter who leaves her kids and comes back to infect her mother.