29 APRIL 2021

For a few years now the high school learners from Motlhabe and other learners from close by villages have been provided with school buses so they no longer need to pay for transportation to school or having to walk from one village to another. The parents of Motlhabe Primary School feel that it’s not fair for the young ones to not be provided with transportation whilst providing the older ones. It is more dangerous for the primary ones as we know that there is human trafficking and serial rapists in our country.

The Village of Motlhabe is divided into 5 sections and other primary kids have to walk over 90minutes just to reach school every morning because their parents or guardians can not afford to pay transport fees,(skofo).

Mme Meisi a 37 year old unemployed single parent of a 12year old girl is facing a hard time when it comes to school shoes. She can’t afford to pay skofo and she has to buy her daughter new school shoes 4 times a year. “If my child was a boy if buy him some Bronx boots”said Mme Meisi.

Parents are not taking this very well but yet they feel powerless because they have no idea on what actions or steps can be taken.