30 APRIL 2021

One of Motlhabe household has burn down due to unknown what is caused by fire.we reported the incident to our Ward councillor and he did not do his duty to report this matter to the relevant department.

And one of the community member Mme setshego Tau toke this matter and report to one of ME,C member at Rustenburg holding the portfolio of agriculture live in motlhabe village and she toke the matter and report to the moses kotane municipality disaster management.

The disaster management came after three days to help the poor family by given them only four blanket and two mattress with no food parcel only to lay their heads.

No investigation has been done by disaster management only send the employee to deliver the two mattress and four blanket but everything inside the shark house was burn down,we can mentioned few things Tv,stove and other and left the poor family with nothing but only the cloth they were wearing.

IT’S devastating with the disaster management given the poor family only the four blanket and two mattress with no food well the poor family are not working but unemployment.

Poorer service of disaster management of Moses Kotane municipality because the shark house can fall at any time and it can cause a Hazzard to the poor family.