Steven Ramokhula

Ikemeleng Kroondal

Rustenburg local municipality

26 March 2021

The taxi industry is known to be the most violent business in the country. Taxi owners and bosses want nothing standing between them and their money. If 1 interrupts their business, they simply wipe you out of their way. They kill without thinking twice, as long as you disturb their business.

Taxi drivers have also joined in with the violence. All they care about is money. During the start of the pandemic, taxis were operating on schedule. They lost a lot of money during the first level of the pandemic. Now taxis are operating normally and they were told not to allow anyone without a mask in their taxis. They only did it during the first phase of the pandemic. Thereafter it was business as usual.

When as a passenger you ask why they allowing people without face mask inside the taxis, are being reminded to mind your business and not to interfere with things that are none of your business. Now it is very common for people to get in taxis without wearing face masks. As long as they paying the taxi fee, business goes on. This industry is continuing to become more and more of the virus super spreader and nothing is being said about it.