30 APRIL 2021

Bakgatla tribe has now two traditional leader that lead the entire bakgatla and each chief has it own people who support them.The former chief doesn’t want step down because he said the commission was conducted unfairly and the chief must not be a person from Botswana but must be the person from South Africa.

This conflict started after Maluleka and Baloyi commission report was released by premier of North West and appoint new traditional leader for six months and administrator for six months to administrate the funds of bakgatla ba kgafela.

Now the Bakgatla tribe are now
Confused because the new chief and administrator time frame has expired and now the Bakgatla people are now living in the dark because they don’t know what is happening but the two chiefs continue to lead differently and their conflict has now extended to the Bakgatla people because they’re fighting amongst each other.