Motlhabe village

 Moses kotane Area

31 March 2021

After inauguration of Mmuthi Pilane on Saturday 27 March 2021 as a headman of Motlhabe village. The former council of Motlhabe, they become furious and start war against Mmuthi’s council. They went and lobby people from Moruleng to come and vandalise our ancestors kgotla where new headman and dikgoro meet every Tuesday and Wednesday as usual. People from Moruleng come with Taxis and, twin caps together with security working at Moruleng tribal office to come and fight with Mmuthi’s support.

The police were called to intervene but they took their own time come and they just come with one police van just to come and look no action has been taking to solve this matter. The mob from Moruleng said they don’t want people from Botswana and Mmuthi Lead them as Maluleka and Baloyi commission released the recommendation report said Kgosikgolo has the right to select a Kgosi and can remove Kgosi.