Steven Ramokhula
Ikemeleng Kroondal
Rustenburg local municipality
21 /04 /2021

Ever since the founding of Ikemeleng over 5 decades ago, Rustenburg local municipality has ignored Ikemeleng when coming to municipal services and it still continue to do the same to this day. People of Ikemeleng community now throw their garbage everywhere they see an empty space. This is becoming a serious problem as now they are throwing their garbage in a water stream that is running across the community.

This stream is where most of the domestic animals are drinking water. The the weather is too hot, the smell that is coming from the stream is unbearable. All types of waste one can think of is been thrown in to the stream. The health of our people is at a great risk. Our people are eating the livestock that are feeding and drinking from the stream. With covid 19 also putting more strain on our people, they are now feeding more on the livestock than ever before.