20/04/2021/ Mmabore Mogashoa/Limpopo/Sekhukhune, Ga-Mogashoa

Dam water for livestock in Mogashoa village

Letamong is a dam that was made next to Mogashoa Primary school and the burial site so that during winter livestock can have access to water. The dam was full of sand which made it to retain less water when it was raining. In 2020 the sand was taken out of the dam and it rained in the beginning of 2021. Livestock owners were happy but it looks as if their happiness won’t last. Trucks carrying water tanks collect water from the dam. The season is changing and is only few weeks then is winter, we all know that winter has less or no rain. If by May 2021 there is no water in the dam it will be a problem for livestock owners and the only option will be Semene river that also have less water.

By Mmabore Mogashoa