23/02/2021/ Happiness Koma/Limpopo, Sekhukhune ,Moshira

: 23 February 2021

Domestic violence abuse  gae ame basedi feela . no both because of covid 19 many  people are lost they job. In the family or in the house have know happiness  .in other words women are insulted man front of child . have no respect of man  because have no income or salary .guy stop

harrassing man  is that have  many case of rapid and abuse , sometimes is  abused emotional, physical  mental . both are people  is take long to man to talk about that and her get wrong direction final killed  themselves or kill the child to avoid nonsense.

This is our right to protect all family members, friend, colleague of abuse .let come together and fight against GBV. since the bother and father doing sexual harrassment the young girl do not feel comfortable.

Just try to help people or girl and feel free when are staying in home  without mother or sister . this is a big challenge and is not easy to talk go to the police, social worker next person that you know have solutions for everything you need

Let do that together to fight injustice

#teach young boy manner

#stop abuse/harassing us emotional,

physical, sexual

#we will never be silent

By Happiness Koma