Mpumalanga Nkomazi
Nkomazi municipality
Benerd Ngomane

Mpumalanga,Nkomazi region, under the Nkomazi municipality, the the communities of different villages are tired and protesting closing the roads at different areas.
Water supply, road maintenance are the burning issues.

Councillors are excusing with the covid issue, telling the communities that the budget of the roads is available since last year. Extension of Water infrastructure is happening on other villages including mine at Madadeni while the others are struggling to get tap water. Promises are around the region.
On the 15th May 2021 we held a meeting at Steenbok as a Water Caucus network on touching the issues and the way forward in connection with water supply and water pollution. Few days after the meeting the protests around different villages started. They are just a tired communities not applied to protest, the police do disband them and they regroup after the police has left and block the roads. Its hectic on the side of the police as it happens sometimes at 3 different villages at the same time. No organization included