Tunatazama - Community Monitors

The Mining community tour

Phindile Ngobeni
Marikana group five
North West
20 November 2021

On the 17 November .After rustenburg tour was organised by benchmarks foundation staff Brown, David and Chris.

I interviewed a man who used to own a building material at RDP marikana.

I asked him why he closed it, he said after marikana strike most of businesses were closed because 99 percent of community members were no longer working and some passed away. He said family and community members were badly affected. He even mentioned that crime is to high.

He further said life is to difficult for everyone in marikana. Including landlord the renting rooms are empty. Most of single mothers who were putting bread on the table from renting rooms and to send children to school with that money, are no longer able to do so.

He said poverty is going high every day. He said most of men and women are collecting tins to make money to buy food. The school principal of marikana is complaining of many children are not paying school fees of R 180 per year. And some children don’t have uniform especially winter time is a shame. They don’t cover books because no money to buy covers. He said if you can go to marikana school in the morning you will cry, because you will see how children are suffering. He said social grant money can’t buy uniform, clothing and food.