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Open pit mIne creates health problems for Monametse community

Comrade Selowa, Monametse, Sekkhukhuneland, 17th June 2016 The community of  Monametse in Sekhukhuneland, Limpopo,  has the same problem as in Wonderfontein, Mpumlanga  as a result of mining operation especially by Braakfontein Shaft. The mine adds a certain chemical on the road. Because of   fearful spirit of communities they fail to […]

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Life before, during and after mining

How is life next to a mine? How was it before the mine came along? What happens to a community when it is relocated? Who benefits? These are some of the questions that Eric Mokoua and David van Wyk, BMF researchers, are currently investigating in Limpopo in co-operation with the community of […]

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Maila Mapitsane Village By Molamo Ngwaketsi Essseu

Maila Mapitsane played a key role during the apartheid era .It is a village where by comrades used to hold meetings at. Those meetings were held at Dipping section (Thabaneng ya dikgaka). It is a section that surrounded by two rivers without any proper access bridges. We the people of […]

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