Mine Trucks damage Bridge

Solwezi bridge in solwezi district in the North Western Part of Zambia has been in a bad state for a long time. This bridge is the only way to link to other parts of the province which include Kalumbila and Lumwana districts where mining takes place. Due to heavy trucks that carry heavy machinery the …

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Teachesr still being accommodated in a ramshackle house near Kansanshi Mine

Janet Kambiña/YAD/Solwezi/Northwestern/05.04.2018 Teacher still being accommodated in a ramshackle house. At Kabwela Community School is located on the east side of Kansanshi mine just 500 meters from the face. The house that the teacher accommodates does not fit even for any person in our generation. There is need for agent attention from the government, the …

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Solwezi Mushindamo road in a bad state

Deborah Chewe/05.04.17/New Generation FM radio Solwezi Mushindamo which leads to the Kipushi boarder in the North Western Part of Zambia has been in a bad state since First quantum minerals raided the road. This is the road which has been helping communities in Solwezi to link their businesses to the neighbouring country DR Congo. As …

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Community Monitors Training

Shikamo Eliack/ 4th April 2018 /Solewezi/Zambia Youth alliance for development organized a community monitoring training supported by Benchmarks Foundation which was being facilitated by Bobby Marie. The training is exciting and its creating a more bigger network of community voices.

Solwezi community eat poisoned fish

270817/Eliack Shikamo/Solwezi On the 27/08/2017. The Fish from Kifuwa was poisoned by sulphuric acid. Due to lack of understanding of the effect of sulphuric acid on the human body. The community members rushed to catch the pick the dead fish for relish without understanding the problems the acid can bring on the body. And also …

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