Livestock eat from bins

Today at mimosa mining company we can witness recklesness in terms of protecting community people livestock as they are eating from bins as they enjoy their zero harm is possible moto which deams not to practical


The replication of mining related challenges in African communities is a setback that always suppress Africa’s populace negatively in developmental issues. The exclusion of affected community voices in the EIA process is a time bomb that is two seconds away from exploding. Different civic society organizations are working tirelessly hand in hand to close the …

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Sensitization for the community facing relocation

Susan Muchena /Marange Development Trust/22.6.2018 Marange Development Trust once saved two families in Tinoengana village from relocation after Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Mining company relocated other families to Arda Transau without compensation and full information on relocation through court order.Kusena village after seeing a visit from Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Mining company writing down names of the …

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Women takes CCDT leadership Gladys Mavusa was elected Chiadzwa Community Development Trust CCDT Board Chairperson at a trust board meeting held at the trust’s offices, the Village Centre in Marange recently. She is the first women to chair CCDT board since the formation of the community based organisation. This year CCDT focuses on Women’s Protection …

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