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Community Alerts/Lentswe Buda/Motlhabe-Rustenburg/11 May 2017


Motlhabe Village is situated on the North Western Part of South Africa and it is 85KM away from Rustenburg under the Moses Kotane Local Municipality in the Pilanesburg area near Pilanesburg National Park, it happens to be one of the Mine hosting villages that are still struggling with access of water.

The Village is 85 years of age now and it has been hosting the Pilanesburg Platinum Mine for nine years Now(from 2008), the mine has provided the two neighbouring villages with water easily accessible from Tap, now the Mine is installing water pipe lines from the mine Reservoir to two other communities which are far away from the Mine and unaffected by the mine activities, whilst Motlhabe is still using one Borehole which was provided by the municipality decades ago and it fails to provide even half of the community.


Couple of years back the Mine And the Municipality had both provided the community with JoJo Tanks, but on the main streets and the local clinic only, and that wasn’t a solution because the tanks are rarely refilled ,in the previous week I visited Motlhabe Clinic, it hosts all the surrounding villages of ward 6 only to find that the clinic has no water at all(two empty JOJO tanks that were provided by the municipality and they are always not refilled in time and it is always crowded and it can sometimes take more than couple of weeks without water.

Yesterday (10thMay),I spent the day walking all-around the village trying to see the current status, it happened that it was the day both the Mine and the municipality were refilling the tanks, the Municipality always refill the Jojo tanks at the clinic and the mine water trucks refill the others on the village, I’ve walked into a number of elders in Thabaneng section and they say it has been couple of weeks now they have been waiting for the tanks to be refilled, every time after the tank is refilled it would be emptied within twelve hours, “the situation is so hard for us in our age, most especially us who live in Thabaneng section as it a mountainous area, I live with my grand son and he is at school now, I can’t wait for him because by after school the JoJo tank will be empty by then” said

Community Alerts/Kennedy Pholose/Thekwane-Rustenburg/08 May 2017


Nkaneng informal settlement residents near Photsaneng in Rustenburg, Northwest settled on the land belonging to Photsaneng community but Royal Bafokeng and Rustenburg Municipality left the Anglo Platinum workers to invade and take the piece of land, there is high level of crime there, prostitution, illegal immigrants and others. Nkaneng residents have been demonstrating against service delivery since 30th April 2017 night. And this happened after an IDP meeting with Rustenburg Local Municipality; among their grievances there water access, sanitation, electricity, proper roads and employment. They blocked main access road to Marikana from Rustenburg, this had been hampering scholars to their respective schools and all mining houses like Sibanye, Glencore, Lonmin, Tharisa and other companies as their workers have to use make shift forest roads irrespective of sometimes being ambushed by these angry mobs or N4 which is far away from and to work. Violence escalated when they started to blow down 118 concrete electrical poles that supply all above mining houses and communities like Photsaneng, Mfidike and Thekwana. Nkaneng residents also swore to blow Photsaneng and Thekwana water reservoirs and attack them because of their lack of support on their demonstrations. That’s the price these communities have to pay of being dispossessed their land. Thekwana and Photsaneng residents have been meeting on how they can protect their property and their lives. Royal Bafokeng Authority’s security that have been tormenting Photsaneng,Mfidike and Thekwana residents on stand allocations has not shown up and Rustenburg Municipality has not responded to this as usual

Community Alerts/Lentswe Buda/Motlhabe-Rustenburg/24 April 2017


The aim of the bill:

  • To remove ambiguities that exists within the bill.
  • To stream-line administrative process, also
  • To provide for the regulation of the mining industry through beneficiation of the minerals or mineral Products.


The hearing was less different from the January hearing of TKLB in Rustenburg civic centre as the changes of the bill couldn’t reach d satisfactions of the public. The public raised a fact that every time during public hearings kings/chiefs do not attend, “do they even get invites”, and also complained about last minutes invites.

“You people you don’t know your job, every time on hearings the public should workshop you…”said Thusi Rapoo of BLBA. The bill was declined by the public and requested to do some corrections that will benefit the mine hosting communities instead of worsening up the situation.

Community Alerts/Bonolo Modise/Robega-Rustenburg/10 April 2017



The youth of a village called Robega that is under administration of the Royal Bafokeng Nation in terms of proclamation of 1968.

They have came up with a solution to improve standard of living for themselves and the community by making sustainable environment in the community, so now they are reinventing the Old Agricore that was opened by the Former Minister P.H Moeketsi during the Bophuthatswana on the 12 February 1993 in Robega Village.

They have realised that in their community there no organic crop farming so by reinventing by continuing with that legacy that the Bophuthatswana developed, in times like this our generation only getting things simple for the markets such as Shoprite e.t.c instead of producing and selling to big retailers so the Youth of Robega intends to produce and sell fresh vegetables to those big retailers by doing that they are creating jobs in community and encouraging youth of today to be entrepreneurs making a mark for themselves and for Robega Village.

Their dream is to see themselves producing vegetables for big retailers such Fruits and Veg by doing that they would improve standard of living for many people in Robega Village.

Community Alerts/Lentswe Buda/Motlhabe-Rustenburg/05 April 2017



The communities have been facing high rate of unemployment for a long time now though 2KM’s from the community of Motlhabe there is an operational mine (PPM-Pilanesburg Platinum Mine), and it assists the community with nothing, during proposal of the start of the mine we were ensured that the mine will give first PRIORITY to local communities when it comes to developments and employment because they the one’s who are mostly affected by the mining activities and projects.

Mining communities always give/send complains/grievances to the mine but in results they always get less than half of their needs, they just never been provided with services that reaches their satisfactions, they sometimes provided with things that they want rather than what they need because at sometimes they don’t get to have a say during times of decisions.

The Pilanesburg Platinum Mine (PPM) has been operating for 9 years now (since 2008),but the community of Motlhabe today  is still facing issues such as dusty/un-tarred/gravel roads  worsened by mine vehicle’s/van’s, and huge trucks that causes us a lot of dust that affects our health/harms us, and causes diseases such as TB and Asthma,   right now we experiencing a high rate of new born born Asthmatic.

Whenever the community submits a grievance or a complain the mine respond by temporarily employing a few number of youth and they would only take those who are above 18 and under 35, and also to silent them during times of protests

The previous week workers from PPM were granted an opportunity to take VSP’s aim being to reduce a certain number of workers, and if they  don’t reach the number they targeting before the end of this week more will be retrenched with the system of last in 1st out.

This is really affecting the community because workers were not given a chance or time to look for another job, right now parents are forced to stay at homes with their daughter’s and son’s who have concluded their matric because they can’t continue with their studies of their choices.

The mining companies should treat their workers with respect, no one deserve to be thrown out of job without being given a warning or Notice.

Community Alerts/Zanele Tyeda/ Marikana-Rustenburg/05 April 2017


Marikana today is a land of rock dust and muddy water, where thousands of people live in informal settlements without access to electricity, adequate sanitation facilities or running water. They are desperate and angry; it is exactly as it was four years back. The main informal settlement is at Marikana, Nkaneng where many Lonmin mine workers live. Those who have electicity access it trough illegal connection. Shacks are made from scrap materials living dwellers/owners exposed to cold, heat, rain and wind. More than 20000 workers in Lonmin are migrants’ worker that is why housing is such an issue.

In 2006 Lonmin promised that by 2011 they would phase out all single sex hostels accommodation convert 114 hostels into bachelor or family units. Lonmin also pledge to build an additional 5500 houses connected to infrastructure for water, electricity and sewage.

When strike starts by 2012, workers were already unhappy about their living conditions. All Lonmin had done was build three show houses and convert 60 hostels. When Lonmin questioned about its failure to fulfil its obligations, they came with excuses of financial crash and lack of infrastructure in the area

Community Alerts/Lentswe Buda/Motlhabe-Rustenburg/04 April 2017



85Kilometres away from Rustenburg, a hidden village named Motlhabe under the Moses Kotane local municipality established in 1932 after being forcefully relocated by the apartheid government from their original area, Motlhabe is a mine hosting area(Pilanesburg Platinum Mine 2-3 kilos from the community)

The mine started its operation in 2008, ever since the mine has been around the community has been facing a numerous problems from the mining activities, during proposal promises were made, people were promised jobs, better roads, street lights and more improvements, but in results they provided with the worst.

The community is badly affected by  the dusty un-tarred roads, the dust affects mostly the ones who live next to the main roads as the dust goes in their houses, furniture is always dusty, the inhalation of dust causes us different lung diseases and babies are also born Asthmatic.

The Sad part of it all is that the community they can not see that mining is not a solution but a community cost. Mining must benefit the local communities as it affects their life’s the most and the government must also take part on supporting the community.

Community Alerts/Collen Raphata/Chaneng-Rustenburg/ 30 March 2017


It was on the 10th February 2017 in North West of South Africa near Sun City, community members of the village called Chaneng marched to Styldrift mine. The last past 2years the community have been trying to apply for a legal march, and the Public Safety department rejected all applications.

The ward 2 EFF applied for the march on behalf of the community and it was approved. On the day of the march we saw youth dominating. When the community arrived at the mine they found that the police had already barricaded the entrance with razor wire and having dogs as if the community were in an illegal march.

Leadership asked for mine management to come and receive the memorandum, unfortunately  no one came and they responded by saying they didn’t know anything about the march, ironically they had jerked up security even without knowledge of the march.

Community Alerts/Bonolo Modise/30 March 2017


We the community of MACHARORA surrounded by several platinum mines in Rustenburg near are facing serious social issues one being unemployment which leads to more social illness. Back in 2000’s even now we were excited when the geologist found that there is platinum in our village because we thought that standard of living would change as a result of mining operations.

The consultants painted a rosy picture on employment, development, bursaries and business opportunities, but years pass and most of people are unemployed and every year we have the matriculants that increase the rate of unemployment because just as employment was not entirely true the bursaries are a struggle to get as well.

Mines are not giving first employment preference to doorstep community and outsource labour and undergrounds and other hard/difficult positions are mostly allocated to locals as they have no skills. We are treated as slaves on our forefathers and constantly promised better life as MACHARORA community.

Social illness such as  crime and teenage pregnancy are also on the rise as a result of inactivity and unemployment, young females we already lost hope and some are prostituting themselves to “Blessers” so that we they can provide for their families. Our public education system, poor facilities(Or non at all) and curriculum also plays a role as mine mostly have programmes of sponsoring those science students, but public schools hardly produce such student.

All this has resulted in numerous community protests, seems the mining companies operating within MACHARORA do not take the community serious unless they up on streets and causing loss of production.

Picture: Phill MagakoePicture: Phill Magakoe

Community Alerts/Pogiso Sediro/Majakaneng/Rustenburg/30 March 2017

31/07/2015. A view of Majakaneng where it is believed that the is a serial killerPicture: Phill MagakoePicture: Phill Magakoe
MagakoePicture: Phill Magakoe

The local communities Majakaneng and Modderspruit (ward 07 & ward 31) under Madibeng Municipality in the North West Province have had quarrels with the local mine with issues regarding employment intake, skills training and business opportunities with both communities feeling that the mine has not hired enough local members of the community and with the mine most employees not residing in both Majakaneng and Modderspruit.

The mines refusal to offer training and not giving business opportunities added fuel to the cause as well as members of the community feeling neglected and not benefitting from the mine. As a result of that the Unemployment forum at Modderspruit marched to the mine on the 22nd March 2017 to Samancor Tc Smelter in the outskirts of Modderspruit and handed their memorandum, what was a peaceful march turned to community stopping production at the mine till the 24th March 2017. The mine will face an uphill battle as the Unemployment Forum in Majakaneng also prepares to march to the same mine with more or similar issues, for that we shall wait and see the outcome of that march.

The mines inability to take care of its communities – will forever remain a problem for mining communities. Come to any unemployment forum you will find it filled with people looking for mining related jobs only. Unemployment is associated with so many things, one of the major things is crime, crime has plagued the community of Majakaneng, on the 14th March we saw two thieves get beaten by the Mob of which left one dead and the other with serious injuries. The tricky part is in every mob justice attacks foreigners are most likely to get beaten to death and a South African born will most likely to get beaten and not killed. The hate that we have on our African brothers is real. Unemployment plays part in the high rise of crime, of young men and women resorting to selling drugs. Corporate greed mines making a huge profit and not improving the living standards of our people, Salaries that get our brothers killed for wanting an Increase. Mines are depths of hell for miners but a Paradise for The White monopoly.