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Community Alerts/ Goitse Morake/ Rustenburg-Motlhabe/ 20 September 2016



I was born here

I grew up loving and respecting your peace

Loratong ke go rolela hutshe

Ke itse fa ke babalesegile

What happened to you?


Is it because of platinum and chrome you changed?

You practice crime and violence daily

Polao le dipetelelo tse di masisi

Bagolo le bana go tshwana fela

Ke dilelo le khuranyo ya meno

Oh my home!!What went wrong ?


Greed sold our pride

Tears and sorrows is our daily bread

We can’t go with our heads held high

Simply because of useless diggers

And jobless we remain


Why we allowed you  rot?

Sicknesses stealing our loved ones

High rate of crime took our harmony

Go diragetseng ?


Oh my priceless home

Greed sold you cheaply

I hiss each time I remember you

What happened to you?


He lost his legs

She is an orphan

Blasting made us homeless

Our livestock dies every day



What happened to you?

Where is your peace

Oh mining you’ve killed us

Along with our respect

You berried us alive

You introduced TB and accidents to us

What happened to us?



Community Alerts/ Kenny Phalose Thekwane-Rustenburg/ 01 September 2016

Kennedy Spescial Ass (2)

Special assignment crew interviews Madibana community and leadership at the momemnt on mining negative impacts, relationship with Royal Bafokeng Authority and government Madibana are using this golden opportunity to tell South African that traditional leadership bill is used everyday since it was imposed by Boers and MPRDA regulations which robs us beneficiation

Loraine Kakaza/Mpumalanga/27thJuly 2016

On the 26/007/2016 we had a nice performance at the Mining and Environment Justice Conference , performed by the Mpumalanga Youth Against Climate Change and their play is called “Pain of the Olifants River”

I then interviewed them and asked why the pain of the Olifants river. This is what they said


MYACC is situated at Mpumalanga province at the Highveld region, this is a movement that uses arts to advocate environment consciousness through theater and storytelling were indigenous stories are told  and preserved also with the heritage and history of the land were the environment is being degraded.

The time has arrived for the sleeping giant which is Africa to be awakened, every generation has its own revolution, ours it’s the loss of environmental consciousness of our own people and against the invasion of foreign multinational Pain of the Olifant 20160727 to the land of our forefathers.

We have no doubts for what we feel and believe that we are destined to bring change and self awakening to the indigenous men of the land.

We believe that climate change is a weapon well beyond scientific description and biological analysis brought by higher powers behind capitalism to create poverty and death.

Through our arts nothing is hidden a new consciousness is created, Witbank will open the eyes of the world