Klerksdorp Blog (South Africa)

Community Alerts/Puseletso/Klerksdorp/02 June 2017

After Justice and Peace monitors engaged Matlosana local municipality regarding houses built on wetland, considerable amount of work resulted in the Municipality considering relocating eight households to a more conducive environment. After residents discovered that they will finally be moved to another area next to Cocekani High school, their hearts were filled with joy but to their misery the Municipality only built toilets not houses. These toilets were built early this year around February and the situation is that the toilets are being vandalised by members of the community from that area. This situation poses another stumbling blog for beneficiaries to finally accessing their promised houses. By Puseletso

Community Alerts/Nyakalllo/Klerksdorp/02 June 2017

This is one of the challenges facing our communities in our localities.  One may argue that is a result of poor service delivery by local municipality, while others may argue is of members of the community not having anywhere to dispose of their waste. In Jouberton ext 11 between Zimele-Geqe primary school, sport ground and neighbouring houses a paved road has been turned into a stop and go road. Motorists have to wait for one another in order to get the other side due to high volume of illegal dumping which has turned the road into a one way road. The ward Councillor has been told many times about the problem but it looks like the municipality is turning a blind eye. By Nyakalllo

Community Alerts/David Faanakgomo/Klerksdorp/02 June 2017

Tigane community is one of the suffering communities due to the retrenchments of the mining sector. Hence it is suffering high rate of robbery and people being mugged. To the community’s surprise, with that high rate of robbery and mugging, its satellite police station is closed.

Now the community and people around the farms has to travel more than 3km to reach the nearest police station, which on the other side serves the Hartbeesfontein community, Dominionville and the surrounding farms which are more than 10km away from Hartbeesfontein. After the Uraniumone mine has retrenched the workers, the whole community was stricken by poverty. Most of the miners as far as from Lesotho and Eastern Cape who are staying in informal settlements of Tigane are struggling. Now even the farmers are complaining about theft and even the old aged are being robbed in their homes.

The police satellite is closed! People are struggling to get the police’s help. Even with women abuse it takes a longer time before the assistance is got. When I approached one of the senior police officials who didn’t want me to mention his name, he said “We are facing a shortage of police officials, since the mine shafts were closed most of our officials are sent to Klerksdorp police station. Even I was sent there after a promotion. Our community is struggling when police help is most needed.” Now with satellite closed the community members cannot even have simple services like certifying without paying taxi fare to go to the nearest police station. By David Faanakgomo

Community Alerts/Mahadio Mohapi/Klerksdorp/02 June 2017

On Monday the 29th of June, the justice and Peace organised and participated in a picket to oppose the bail application of a suspect who was nailed for raping, killing and burning of the body of a now buried 15 year old Nombuyiselo Nombewu of Ext 7, Jouberton. We as Justice and Peace will be following the court case until justice is served. We condemned in strongest possible terms any action of abuse, violence, rape and killing directed to the women, girls and children. We are continuing to work with men in taverns and pubs by engaging them in dialogues which are aimed at changing their behaviour and attitudes. We are united with political parties, churches and community in the fight against the scourge. By Mahadio Mohapi

Community Alerts/Tshepo Mmusi/Klerksdorp/02 June 2017

It is sad and somehow disturbing to realise that after 23 years of hard earned democracy, the people who stay in farms struggle to access basic health care services. In our last week visit to  the Rietkuil and Mantariana farms  adjacent to the Shiva Uranium processing plant, people complained about the mobile clinic which pitch in these areas once in a month. The other problem associated to the mobile clinic is frequent drug stock outs. Despite living next to a multi-million Shiva mine which contributes to their Ill health, they struggle with transport to reach health services in nearby areas. At the Mantariana community, people shared that they are approaching two months without water. The issue of water and health in these farms seems to be not a priority area for the government and the mine. There is no doubt that the mine is only interested in profits and not the general well-being of the people. By Tshepo Mmusi


Community Alerts/Modise Tlhako/Klerksdorp/02 June 2017

Next to the D1 and D2 un-functional shafts owned by Shiva uranium mine. We now see another project in motion. I honestly can’t say it’s a development project as it did not hire our poverty stricken people. At this stage, they are busy erecting a very long fence. I was told that it is a game reserve which I know will certainly not create job opportunities for our people. What struck me and came as a shock was to hear that there are graves inside the fenced area; families were not consulted to this effect.  I am restless about this issue and would be certainly collecting more information to determine the number of graves inside and the owner of the new venture. By Modise Tlhako

Community Alerts/Mahadio/Klerksdorp-Justice and Peace/20 February 2017-03-03


As Catholic Justice and Peace Commission  of Klerksdorp diocese , we wish to express  our disappointment of the withdrawal  of the case  of human trafficking against the Nigerian who was a suspect in Klerksdorp Court today: Our Juridical system has a lot loopholes in promoting the human dignity, instead it condemns corruption, it suggest that human trade and child abuse through sexual exploitation is a way of life. We request our members to stand against the scourge of human trafficking in whatever form. Our members, really sure the support, hailing from Dominiville, kanana, Jouberton and women activists from Alabama;  Tigane and Khuma

This is indeed a phoophoo; sure, I share my contempt regarding Juridical System of South Africa which undermines concern raised by civil societies, there is no way that prominent structures such us which moral ethos, Ubuntu, respect can be biased towards other person. Guess what?  System does not protect the victim of injustice and the vulnerable, powerless and the little ones. The March organised by Cosas, supported political parties and faith based organisation, justice and peace against the suspect of human trafficking is a liar, the state it’s self, the hawkers. I am speechless or brief of speech for the withdrawal of this human trafficking case, it is obvious that the victims will be presented in court based upon they dignity. Hence, our state acquits the suspect. I, for one, condemn this move. Justice and Peace, Klerksdorp Diocese

Community Alerts/ Nthabiseng Leshoe/ Dominionville- North West/ 22 November 2016


Dominionville has a problem when it comes to water, this problem started the day the water was disconnected from the mines pipelines. The matlosana local municipality has been the one supplying the dominionville residence with water. They do this by using water trucks; however it is alleged that the truck drivers are using favouritism in executing their duties. The favouritism manifests itself when a single member of the community who is not evens a leader directly phoning the truck driver to personally supply the chosen few with the water. My argument is that, water is a common good and has to be accessible to all people in the community. The matter will be raised to the Matlosana local municipality.

Community Alert/Modise Tlhako/Dominionville-North West/10 November 2016


Dominionville is a small village in Northwet province found in Dr KK khauda district in Matlosana local municipality. The village consist of the white and black community

Dominionville is getting its electricity services from the service provider called Dirk Phyl investment (PTY)Ltd. The service provider is also rendering services such as waste removal and water to the little town of Dominionvile were the white community is residing .The Dirk Phyl investment(PTY)Ltd is buying electricity from Eskom in bulks which will be transferred to Dominionville substation. It  is believed that the private substation belongs to Dirk Phyl investment(PTY) Ltd.

The Dominionville post office which is not clear as to whether is a private post office or state owned enterprise? Is being utilized as a service point for paying electricity bills by Dirk Phyl investment (PTY) Ltd. People have to buy their own meter boxes and cable lines for them to get the electricity connection which they charge R190, 00 per unit price and also an amount of R86,65 of basics services which are fruitless payment as that their not receiving that services. It create some difficulties to the black community as majority are unemployed.

Dominionville black community consist of 110 household and only 32 household are having electricity out of 110 household.

The electricity is very weak as they are using and old system which one can say is illegal, sometimes the electricity switch  itself on and off unexpectedly as result it damages the peoples electric appliances, and the meter box itself got damaged and people will have to replace at their own expenses.

The people who does not have electricity are facing challenges as they to go around the place to find the wood which is scared, the community is also relying on paraffin’s which they wait a long time to receive them from the local municipality as an alternative energy.

“Not yet Uhuru”

Community Alerts/ Tshepo Mmusi-Klerksdorp-North West/ 22 October 2016


Klerksdorp is slowly turning into a ghost town because of mining companies leaving the area. This leaves the communities in a situation of fending for themselves.  The pressing problem facing the communities is unemployment, especially amongst youth. Companies encourage self employment and at times make promises on local investment but in Jouberton is a sad story all together. A youth group has come together and initiated having a youth  centre for performance of arts and other projects of empowerment. They have identified an old municipal building which was a guest house and now the building was thugs den for criminal activities. So they volunteered to clean up the building and acquired lease with the authorities, but  now they struggle to get funding in order to get things going. Companies such as Anglo gold ashanti should invest in such initiatives not to build swimming pools which does not empower our  people. Youth leadership is still battling with Anglo gold to buy in to the concept.