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Community Alerts/Tokelo/Limpopo/14 June 2017

Around Burgersfort at Limpopo there’s a village called Magobading.

On 02 June 2017 it was Friday, something terrible happened where a young lady gave birth along the road where she was going to catch a taxi to the hospital around 07:00 morning. “I was passing and I saw an old woman and a young lady lying down and I went there and ask old woman what’s happening? Before she answered she asked for my blanket because this young lady is about to give birth, I gave her and I started to call Mecklenburg hospital but they didn’t pick up my calls, I decided to go to the hospital when I got there I just found people relaxing, this got me angry but tried to control my emotions and started to alert them about the incident that I left in Magobading and that I’ve been calling the hospital but no one picked up my calls they started to deny receiving calls. I just said I don’t want to take this issue to the next level is where they give me an attention and is where the  ambulance went out to go to help a lady even though the little one had already arrived when they got to the scene around 08:00 said Mametja Mandla “. By Tokelo-Limpopo

Community Alerts/ Andries Mocheko/Limpopo/14 June 2017

Today’s public participation process for postponement of the minimum emissions standard compliance timeframes for SO2 Emissions, for postponement Eskom’s Medupi and Matimba-coal power station.

The meeting was supposed to start at 15:00- 19:00 Ditheku Primary School Marapong Township.

The meeting started little bit late because some delayed community members who didn’t have any info/clue about the meeting and some were not informed about this meeting, the delay was as a result of the explanation to those who don’t know and don’t have any clue what a public  participation meeting and public consultation meeting is all about. What we told our community is that if you don’t know what the meeting all about please asks people who know and who have information and experience about this kind of meetings, before you sign the register because they can use that register against you.

Meeting started around 15:30-15:45, some of our community members are ignorant when you try to advise them they just sign hoping that they will get a job when signing a register before meeting. However we were surprise how Eskom consultants where do or conducted their public participation; breaking our communities in groups and tell them this is the easy way to make people to understand and able to rise questions freely so, without fear. For who? “Eskom”.

Organizations like LUF, WEJF and WWAO they tried to engage with the Eskom Environmental team and their Consultant to try to understand why are they use that method they using now, they started to ask us this; “tells us what to do guys cause we think that you can come with a better solution than’ as Organizations” response from them, while we try to work with them make this meeting successful

Unfortunately the meeting was disrupted by some of our community, telling Eskom that we don’t want postponement cause you increase poverty in our society, all you bring is sickness and death in our community. They told Eskom to go back to drawing board and discuss about how they can resolve issues like crime, prostitution, unemployment and skill development around Lephalale. Before they can come and talk about their postponement. By Andries Mocheko-Limpopop


Community Alerts/ Mathapelo/Limpopo/13 June 2017

Today the 13/06/2017 I received a call from one of the herdsman from Morapaneng who found his cattle dead next to Motse Bridge. The cow started to urinate blood on Sunday and he rushed to buy medicine yesterday but when he came back the cow never return from grazing post. This morning he was informed by the other Herdsman that they saw his cow next to the bridge and when he run to the place he found the cow dead. The dead cow has a calf and it was the first time it was still young and Mr Maakhudu was hoping to have more calves from it. But today he was disappointed and he even called the community representative and told him about this matter but he never showed up.  Mr Maakhudu was so disappointed by what the representative told him that he doesn’t have proper phone to take pictures. It really hurting how our parents are losing their livestock and nobody cares. By Mathapelo-Limpopo

Community Alerts/Francina /Limpopo/11 June 2017

Mokolo bridge is found on the R33 road when entering Lephalale under (Lephalale Municipality) in the Waterberg district at Limpopo .

Years back around the early 2000 before Medupi was built, Mokolo river was full of sand and water so communities were going to the river to catch fishes to feed themselves so as their families, but now it is dry and farm owners living next to that river struggle to pump water and also the bricks project owners struggle to get water and sand from the river.

The bridge of R33 is also in trouble because the is no soil to cover the bottom of the bridge because of soil erosion  and the main problem is that the road is way too busy, used especially by trucks that export coal from EXXARO Coal mine and also different public transport from different cities . We have a problem of lack of water. By Francina


Community Alerts/Tokelo/Limpopo/11 June 2017

There’s a village called Moroke Sekutlong that is situated next to R37 road and Thokoane village under Fetakgomo Greater Tubatse Municipality at Limpopo

The village is suffering due to bad roads for years now. We are facing a challenge when is raining cause there’s a mud that delays our vehicles and school kids transports when they come to pick our children to school. Five years back Sekutlong village and Thokoane village were under one ward (Ward 9) with counsellor Nkwana, when the road were discussed they were looking at those two wards/villages, so our Municipality promised to build an access road that goes with access bridge three years back but that access failed.

This year due to geo tag our village is under ward 14 under a new counsellor Makofane. What happened few weeks ago our municipality approved that access road under ward 9, that’s when we took a step and alerted them that, as ward 14 that road suit us as well we must take part on the project as it will pass on our village, the municipality didn’t have a problem with that.

Around our village there’s a person who represent Royal house we call him/her (Ntona), that’s where the problem started, we went there me, Counsellor and CDW just to alert that Ntona about the access road and he must give us a go ahead to go to the royal house (Moshate). The Ntona didn’t take us to that part, only to find out that Ntona says bad things about us at Royal house. On the first of June we went to royal house just to alert the Chief about the project and we found bad news about us. On the 08th June we went there again and we heard an agreement and she gave us a go ahead where we can introduce Contract Man.

On 09 June counsellor, CDW and contract Man went there as well. They said ” the chief wanted  money just to welcome a contract man she wanted R10000.00 ,5 percent from project budget and the money for soil and stone that they are going to use, when we counted that money is close to R100 000.00 “. So now there’s no way forward and it might happen that the road won’t be built around our village. This shows our Royal houses (Chiefs) don’t care about the community they just care about their pocket. By Tokelo-Limpopo


Community Alerts/Mathapelo/Limpopo/10 June 2017

On the 6 we went to door to door with Action Aid Social Audit team that was led by community of Monametse in Atok. This village is affected by Anglo American, mining operations under Bokone.

It was touching and inspiring to listen to old people talk about how the mine divided them as communities in order to get away with their empty promises. This family showed us the cracks of the very nice house that the mine has built and the weak foundation the mine made for the people of Mmalingine, there are sewage that was built in 2014, the families complains that the mine is not maintaining even today and they are no longer using the toilets because when they flush the dirt comes back.  This family has built the house there since 2015 but the house is not cracked so they told me that the mine used cheap material to build them the houses. What made me happy is when they said they still think that one day things will be better because of the work our fellow comrade Moshabi is doing in the village. By Mathapelo-Limpopo


Community Alerts/ Mathapelo/Limpopo/ 06 June 2017

Today as we where introducing social Audits to the community of Monametse I found something terrible on the road, this road is used most by bug trucks that are carrying production from Braamfontein shaft the road has being sprinkled by oil, I wondered why the mine use oil to get rid of dust and I think this makes the matter worse by polluting the soil, and you can ask yourself what will happen if someone throw a stick of matches.  I’m still in shock even now. I kept asking my comrades why the soil looks sticky on the ground and when took a closer look to carefully observe I smelled the oil. By Mathapelo

Community Alerts/Mathapelo/Limpopo/02 June 2017

On the 18-19th May I visited Morapaneng village this community resides between two shafts less than 1km away from one another, Hackney shaft and Twickenham shaft.

Mr Thobejane Morwamakoti is the +-90 year old man who owns of cattle, when I met him he started to tell me some sad stories. He also said it’s not like they don’t fight the mine the problem is the mine management don’t respect or consider them as people and when I asked him what is it that the mine is doing he said  ” We used to live here with your grandparents herding our livestock with no problem and we were making lot of money taking care of our family. ” and he also said since the mines came what he see is only the lost of everything that belongs to the community.

Mr Thobejane lost 7 cattle among that 7 2 were calves and in 2016 his cows miscarried a lot. And he believe that the problem is the water they drink from Motse that is being contaminated by the water from the mine stream, they don’t have a choice as Motse is the only river they have. Fortunately  their goats don’t go to the river  that’s why  they survive  because  Motse is far they buy water for the goats  and they always  come home  to drink but for their cattle they don’t  have a choice because the river is next to the grazing  land.

They no longer wash themselves at the river when they are at the field because they develop rush and the body start inching. And Mr Thobejane says if the mine can buy them Alan’s at Lolo where most of the cattle owners take their cows  because  there’s  fresh  water and enough grass for  grazing  they would happy and they will  make sure that they look after their  cattle  there.

Mr Segopotse also lost his cattle in 2014 July. One day he was at the field and realised that one of his cows was missing so he went to the stream with his brother luckily they found stuck in the mud, tried to pull it out but couldn’t. They both went to the mine security to ask for help and fortunately they came with mine Van and managed to pull it out of the stream but it was weak so they left it there, he would regularly visit the stream to see if it’s getting better but the cow was becoming weaker every day.  On the fourth day Mr Decompose decided to go with an axe to kill the cow, and found it was pregnant with brown and black calves. This situation made him angry because he just came back from Gauteng and with his pension money thinking that his father’s livestock will keep bread on the table for him and his brother, this loss made him more frustrated.

Mr Segopotse and his brother always take their cattle to Lolo mountain because they are not that old they manage to climb the mountain easily, they used to do so every winter and they come back when there grazing is there during August to September.  But since the mines started to operate the cattle are weak to climb the mountain and they just watch them die. By Mathapelo Limpopo-Sekhukhune





Community Alerts/Uenice Mampa/Limpopo/01 June 2017

We had a meeting in Ga-Phasha community hall from Sefateng we met with Mr Vimbie only, the meeting did not go well. He told us that we will meet on Wednesday for follow-up gase ra arabiwa ka mokgwa owe re bego re nyaka ka gona(We didn’t get the anticipated response) on the issue of Social Labour Plan. He told us that in Ga-Mampa they are building a school and we all know that the school was relocated since they started their mine in 2012 they never helped the community with anything and community are still angry. By Uenice Mampa

Community and Mine meeting agenda
Community and Mine mine agenda

Sekhukhune map

Community Alerts/Tokelo/Limpopo/31 May 2017

The community of Moroke Sekutlong around Sekhukhune District at Burgersfort were attending the first introductory meeting on 06th May 2016 it was Sunday where they were introducing a ward Councillor, CDW and their team management of ward 14. The community was angry at our new ward Councillor and her team management. On that day they were arguing with no solution until the visitors left, the anger is a result of what has happened in the past years. They said “Sekutlong does not have VIP Toilets, RDPs and projects like other villages.

On 9th of May they gathered to rectify what they did o Sunday as they realised that what they did was not good. They came up with a plan and wrote everything they want as community, now they are waiting on the team management to come so they submit to them. The meeting was very successful compared to what we saw on Sunday of 06th. We just hope the Councillor and her team will hear them out and deliver to the community, last week they came to the village and did a research about the water we drink, that means they saw action through the community that day.    By Tokelo Limpopo-Sekhukhune