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Community Alerts/ Jomo Khumalo/Ekurhuleni/ 16 June 2017

According to the police people invaded the land that does not belong to them because they have been promise that they will build houses for them in that area by their local Councillor. It’s been years now and they have been waiting. So they started to build shacks in that area. Couple of neighbors started to complain about the shacks and crime around there, they decided to group themselves and write a petition to their police commissioner about the matter.

The Police came in with Red ants to remove those people with their shacks. This shows that our local government are still promising people things when they are about to go for local election. Their slogan is now (they will never stop until it’s done). By Jomo Khumalo-EEO



Community Alerts/ Sandile Nombeni/ Ekurhuleni/31 May 2017

Since mid 2015 Ekurhuleni Environmental Organisation had last opposed the decommissioning and construction of a Waste Incinerator license that was proposed by Western Platinum Refineries (Lonmin PTY,LTD) in Kwa-Thema Reedville, on Monday 29th May  Ekurhuleni Environmental Organisation has received an invitation  from Jones & Wagener  an Engineering and Environmental consultation company for Lonmin to send submissions relating to the recent amendment of the waste management activities in terms of the National Environmental Management Waste  Act 59 of 2008. The submissions date were from 07 May 2017- 15 May 2017 and the letter arrived 14 days after the closing date of submissions, which is not a required time frame for consultation notices, and the company will claim that the community was ignorant to this invitation. By Sandile Nombeni

Letter from Jones & Wagener an Engineering and Environmental consultation company

Community Alerts/ Luyanda Ntombela/ Ekurhuleni/31 May 2017

In Kwa-Tsaduza( Kwa-Thema, Duduza and Tsakane) we have a challenge of  theft of copper taps as a result they are replaced with plastic ones. This initiative contributes to the problem of leaking taps, considering the challenge of rusted pipes due to old infrastructure and the non- maintenance of it yet the EMM (Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality) plans to install pre-paid water meters meanwhile they have not maintained the old pipes. This results in people left without water considering the number of free water given to communities. The fact that one house accommodates 5 families is not considered. As Ekurhuleni Environmental Organisation we have taken a step to consult local government officials and so far they are not responding. By Luyanda Ntombela

Un-maintained water pipes

Community Alerts/ Qedusizi Masina/Ekurhuleni/31 May 2017

Sechaba Primary school is one of the schools that were vandalized and it has become a big hazard for the safety of our children. Sechaba P. School is based in Kwa Thema which is situated in the East of Johannesburg in Ekurhuleni Municipality. In 2014 the school yard of Sechaba P School was left open without being secured and the school took it in to consideration to contact the department of Education to say they want the school field to be secured and it was done.

Three years later the security fence around school field was being stolen day by day, this has lead to a development of a dumping site on the side walk of the school  by residents near the school because of the refuse not being collected as per a weekly schedule by the municipality.

This activity is a big hazard on Sechaba P.School children as it might end up with children abduction and health problems because of the dumping happening each and every day. Ekurhuleni Environmental Organisation is looking forth to interacting with the school principal on this issue to say what action has the school taken to see through this problem and having to engage with the municipality about the dumping happening with refuse collection schedule for residents. Hope this issue will make the municipality to take responsibility on the issues of service delivery for the best interest of our schools and children in large in our community. By Qedusizi Masina


Community Alerts/ Mandla Jwili/Ekurhuleni /26 May 2017

On the 26th May we had meeting in our office in Kwa Thema in Ekurhuleni with visitors, students from Fordham university school of law in New York namely Christopher Ziemba, Olivia Scandura and Zenande Booi.

Purpose of their visit here is to conduct a research on how mining affect communities directly and indirectly, they wanted to find out where mines are no longer operating and not rehabilitated, where mines are operating and communities are facing pollution, contaminated water or no water at all, cracks on housing due to the blasting by mines and destroying infrastructure, where mining start to establish itself and the community face the following:

1.No consultation process,

2.Mines not adhering to environmental laws,

3.No employment.

Mandla Jwili (EEO) interviewing Zanande Book and Christopher Ziemba (Fordham University) New York, USA Research on community struggle.

Good day my name is Zenande Booi I’m in Ekurhuleni environmental organization offices in Kwa Thema East of Johannesburg, I’m from Fordham university school of law in New York. I’m doing research on impact and the ability of people to protect their right to land in relation to mining and form of development or whether are protected or law protect them or allows them to and the role of government should make sure people’s rights are protected and impact o traditional leaders on people’s land rights. Traditional leaders are helping people on their rights or making them less secured.

Stakeholders views in South Africa

Good day my name is Christopher Ziemba I’m studying in Fordham university in new York, as I was travelling in South Africa interviewing different community organizations and NGO’s is the same story we headed echoing mining interests  coming and essential looting from communities leaving gaping hole not giving jobs that they promised leaving total environmental damage without people being having a voice and without holding mining companies accountable with promise they made and be able to deny to say that don’t do that to the communities, same story we  heard when travelling and very informative and confirming it what I heard many times. By Mandla Jwili.

Community Alerts/Sandile/ Ekurhuleni /25 May 2017

Anglo Coal has been doing its consultation processes in Springs for Coal Canyon project that will start from Springs to Heidelberg which would cover communities like Endicott, Bakerton, Springs, Kwa-Thema, Tsakane, Duduza, Dunottor, Selcourt, Weldgeducht, Struighbelt, Daggafontein, etc which means that the far East Rand would now be facing double impacts of mining (Gold mining impacts and coal ) interms of the air quality, AMD(acid mine drainage), land degradation, loss of land, evictions, and many more.

The sad part of these consultation processes is only three of these communities have been consulted other communities know nothing about this Anglo Coal Canyon project and its affiliates are planning, strategically the consultation processes were done in Endicott were the community is so poor and know nothing about how the process should go and with promises of creating jobs, the unfortunate part is that the Ekurhuleni Environmental Organisation found this information at last minute though we are now working on sending submissions on broad consultation processes to all the communities that would be affected .

Community Alerts/ Jomo/Ekurhuleni/23 May 2017

Kwa Thema is situated east of Jo’burg under Ekurhuleni local municipality. These cables have been lying unattended for almost for a week. Municipality technicians were installing electricity for Kwa Thema Ext.8 residents and left  main transmission boxes and cables lying around as you can see in the picture.

This is a dangerous as school children pass there to and from school and risk being electrocuted by these electricity cables. It’s a challenge for residents because they are not sure if the cables carry enough power to electrocute members of the community and again since it rains is it not safe for them to walk near these cables. No one addressed the community and no one wants to take responsibility.

By Jomo-EEO

Community Alerts/Sabatini/EEO-Ekhuruleni/21 April 2017




Fraser Alexandra tailings dam in Brakpan Ekurhuleni is used for re-mining the minerals from mine dumps.  The tailing is supporting Ergo gold to re-mine the minerals. As we were monitoring, we observed that only black people do the hard cheap labour as per our interview with Mxolisi and Rendani; they mentioned that they work 2 weeks a month, 7 to 4 and they earn R800 a month.

The supply pipes go across the communities of Geluksdal, Langaville and brakpan. Sometimes the pipes burst and people inhale the toxins from the chemicals used for re-mining.

Community Alerts/Meshack Mbangula/Ekhuruleni –EEO/06 March 2017

Meshack Mbangula,Chairperson and founder of Ekhuruleni Environmental Organization and MACUA national coordinator paid the family of a five year old boy who fell in a hole of a mining activity which was left without rehabilitation.

Hole that Richard fell into


This is Mohlala ‘s family


“As we see the SABC is owned by Government they only entertain the issue of Zama Zamas as illegal miners and but the issue of Richard the young boy fell in the hole which was left by capitalist thugs who did not rehabilitate is outstanding. People are dying because of these thugs” said Mesh


Community Alerts/Sabatini Motloung/Ekurhuleni-EEO/22 February 2017

A place in Germiston called Jerusalem where community people live beside and on top of the tailings dam. They are not aware of the dangers of AMD. They live there because the Gold One mine did not rehabilitate their land and did not do proper waste management.



Vlakfontein AMD polluted stream that passes through ext5 and 6. The community uses the water for laundry and irrigation.


Vlakfontein slime dam that turned into a zama zama area. It is near the community of Barcelona and Ext3. Gang battles affect community members.


Ghost hotel in the community of Tornado that was used by miners is now a place for smoking drugs and a rape and crime hot spot.


Jabulani park in Angelo. Children play in a dusty environment when it’s windy because of the tailings dam in their area. Cases of asthma were reported and 4 out of 12 children are affected.


Delmore Park residents live in the vicinity of a tailings dam left by Primrose gold mine. People contract asthma and skin diseases due to contaminated dust particles.



Daggafontein stagnant AMD water that threatens the lives of children who treat the AMD as a swimming pool. Parents loose children from time to time because of this dangerous water. The community tried numerous times to ask government to barricade this dam since 2012 and it still remains a threat to the communities.