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Beware of Thugs around Mannys

It was on the 26th May 2011 when I was robbed R200 at Mannys near Welkom.

I was going to buy shoes at Price Rite I had R400 in my wallet, I went to the shop and took a look at some tekkies. I decided to go to Mazel store to look as to compare the prices, as I was at that store some guy approached me and asked if was looking for shoes and I said yes. He told me he could organize shoes for me, and I was hoping to buy All Stars.

He told me that he was working at that store and that he will sell those tekkies to me at an affordable price of R200. We went outside and asked me what size do I wear, we went near to the taxi rank and met some other guy and we agreed that he will go and bring the tekkies and I was left with the one we met at the taxi rank. After some few minutes he called the guy I was with and that I must give that guy the money and come to pick the shoes just next to the store. I did just that and when I arrived near the store where we were suppose to meet he was nowhere to be found I went to the store and asked if they knew Andile as he calls himself, they didn’t know him. I went back to where I left the other one and he was also nowhere to be found. To be honest I didn’t see that one coming I was blinded by the whole thing. It was as if I was bewitched I started asking people around and they told me that it happens every day.

I learnt my lesson the hard way and I will like to advise everyone that they must never trust strangers, if they need anything they should buy straight at the shops.


GUBICO is a community based organisation in Free State Province receiving sharing and learning training via Monitoring School from the Bench Marks Foundation Monitoring Project.

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