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Bucket system eradication

Incomplete bucket system eradication in Matlosana
By Elby Nkululeko Dee
In my last article I have indicated the dangers associated with the bucket system in our areas and I have also alluded the origin of extension 22 and just like the social ills of extension 24 where people have illegally occupied other people’s houses in ext 24 and in ext 22 that is also the case. In my individual capacity and my analysis I believe that the bucket system is incomplete due to certain reasons like householders are not the right occupants of the stands and others did not apply for housing subsidies, and as a result that means the housing department would not allocate money nor funds. The houses which are built now are built with toilets inside the houses. It would be out of the question to build temporary sewer toilets because it will cost the government lot of money but that is not the reason to compromise community’s health.
The other reason is that there are householders who occupied the stands of the right house owners, who applied for stands, and they were approved, but the housing officials sold these houses to other members of the community. Other houses were given to housing official’s friends and relatives via corruption. It is easy for officials to do so, but difficult to change provincial documents and that cause a backlog in bucket system eradication. The other reason is that there is no proper monitoring system in the department its self that is why officials do as they please. I also believe that officials are given tasks to perform and they just decide on how to perform them and they do not have anyone to report to, so it is like nobody cares s long as they are getting their salaries at the end of the month including extra money by their corrupt ways. Community members are just waiting for information to come to them.

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