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Crime in Kwatsadutsa

Meshack Mbangula (EEO) by Ekurhuleni Environmental Organisation

Kwatsadutsa, the name comes from the amalgamation of three Townships that is Kwa-thema, tsakane and Duduza. All these townships are in the east of Jo’burg in South Africa, The population is about 210.000 with high rates of unemployment and crime is high since the closer of mines in the area. Most people came into these places because of employment and are still living there now.

Since most people are not working, the crime rate is increasing very fast. The type of crime that we face ranges from rape, housebreaking, robbery, car theft and the list goes on. Those who work earn very little since they work for labour brokers and get next to nothing, others sell fat cakes at schools and spaza shops. But the numbers crime doers is very high compared to those who trying to make a living by opening small businesses. Firstly, the very small spaza shops are robbed now and then. Secondly, every Friday lot of people especially those who are working they wait for them at dark places where there are no street lights and rob them. Thirdly, the guys idling in the location end up taking drugs and rape those ladies who work till late the rate of rape has increased by 3% in the area this year only. Other guys use mafia style of paying protection fee to those Pakistanis who owns the tuck shop every month or certain period.

Talking to the Captain of Kwa Thema, Mr Khumbuza, illustrated to us the following: firstly, the community is not coming forward to assist the police with information and it’s difficult for them to get culprits and he understands why the community is afraid. The problem lies with the court system whereby the police will put the culprit in jail but the court say there is not enough evidence and the culprit is out to threaten those who inform the police of his where whereabouts. Secondly, they’re getting a bit of help from the Crime Prevention Forum (CPF) which work directly with the community and members of the community. They are planning to increase the number of CPF and other structures which assist in combating the crime and (EEO) is invited to these meeting as well to bring in ideas of helping the police to help the community at large from the dangerous crime doers a schedule will be forwarded soon.

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