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Electricity Problem in Ext 24

Electricity problem in Extension 24 Jouberton
By Joe Mashilo
On the 16th of May 2012 at 17h00, an electricity meeting in which I participated took place. Concerned residents organized this meeting to engage the affected residents of extension 24 and explore the possibility of organizing a protest around the area of electricity. This meeting was attended by 17 residents of extension 24. At the end of the meeting it was agreed on the need to mobilize all affected people of extension 24, and resolved to immediately embark on that action. Revolutionary songs / slogans were sang and tyres were burnt, the group decided to sing around the affected part of ext 24 – the initial number of protestants increased from 17 to +- 80 to90 people in support for the protest action. Although this action I participated was not legal, it however helped to mobilize the people to stand up against the Matlosana local municipality, people started talking and the councilor began to shake.
The next day the meeting (Community action protest) in which I participated took place – I was amongst the five delegates who were delegated as per the request of the police went to see the councilor “Lulu” for a meeting. On the same day after that meeting we went to the offices of the municipality in town, together with the councilor to try to meet with the Mayor and the municipal manager with the view of digging information about electrification of extension 24, unfortunately we couldn’t meet with the mayor as he was engaged somewhere, we then had the opportunity to meet with the ANC chief whip and the MMC for electricity in the municipality who after a long discussion informed us that electricity in ext 24 will be delivered in the next week 21 May 2012. Another residents meeting took place on the 23rd of May 2012 in Ext 24.

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