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Luka youth embark on an illegal gathering

By Tshiamo Mekgwe

On the 2nd of March 2012, in Luka village it was not an ordinary morning like any other as people were flabbergasted ( shocked) by the chanting of struggle songs outside their homes. Some were even woken up by them. The chanting came from the angry youth of Luka village who were tired of their unemployment issues not being taken seriously by the Royal Bafokeng Administration and the Impala mine management as they should be given first preference in terms of employment. The youth embarked on an illegal march demonstration which was so violent that they barricaded the railway line between Phokeng and Luka with burning tyres and tree branches as the aim to stop commuters from going to work. Some community members were forced to take part in the illegal gathering by threats. School children were left I fear as protesters gate crashed the schools with intensions of forcing teachers to join the march.

One community member said he was on his way to work when suddenly he was approached by a group of protesters; the police van came to his rescue as he feared being forced to join the march. It all ended with 13 participants being arrested and charged for participating in illegal gathering, public violence, and some of them were innocent members who were forced to join the march. Those 13 Luka community members appeared in court on the 8th March 2012 for bail hearing and got released on free bail.

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