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A Booming Hotspot for Illegal Dumping

By Mabuti Malatsi

An open space in-between the so called Matiki Landfill and Evaton west Ext 5 alongside the golden High way has been witnessed as a new opportunity for the illegal dumping. Because of the enclosing process that is currently taking place at the landfill or wither to take place later this year.

Home owners, Business owners and Contractors clean up service providers and other individuals, many dispose of unwanted items illegally. The health of the community is at stake hence since the activity begun there has been an alarming number of Pests, Rats, and Mice which can easily carry disease. Fire, sharp objects and hazardous waste pose a threat to any one that may be working near the dumb side or children who may play in or near the dumb side. Illegal dumping creates far more coasts that would arise from simply discarding materials properly and it often requires the municipality workers to travel long distance to clean up a site while a community can bring items to a recycling center or transfer station for a modest fee.

Solving the problem of illegal dumping it require a partnership from our government organizations and citizens all of whom enjoy the benefit of a clean community takes a little effort to help in the fight to keep evaton west clean. It is important to do the right thing respecting the rights of others and their properties. These respect help to ensure a healthy safe and clean environment in which we can all live and play.

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