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The Wetland in Bophelong

By Aka Tsele

In Bophelong, Gauteng (south of Johannesburg) there is a school called Emfuleni Primary which was built in 2008.this is a first primary inside the small location called Muvahango here in Bophelong.

A year later after that school was opened we recognised that the place where that school was built in a dangerous place because it’s a wetland, so we as a community we are asking ourselves what is going to happen when we have a 90% of rain. Because that school 30% of rain it’s enough for that place not more than that means our children are in a dangerous place.

This shows that we as the community our government or our mayors really not cares about us. Grathor Hlongwane (The mayor of Emfuleni municipality) never did anything about this and what we know is she’s aware about what is happening in that place even before the school was build, because we don’t mean anything to them, they did build the school in that place, as if is there is nothing happening in that place.


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