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Segwalane has a new hazardous neighbour



Afplats mine it is one of the mines that produce platinum in this country. Afplats Company is opening a new mine at Leeuwkop area near Segwaelane and it maybe 1km away from Segwaelane community. This mine will start to produce platinum on the year 2019-2020 but this mine is on progress because Shaft Sinkers is busy sinking the shaft. August 2012 there was community meeting that was held at Segwaelane Community Hall, Afplants representatives were also there. The aim of Afplats was to ask permission to use the land but the mine is already operating without any community consultation or agreement. Mine had an agreement with government only. They came to the community just to smoke screen and compile a report that says they did meet with community and the community agreed for the mine to operate which is incorrect. This report will be given to government officials as just a proof.

One point on agenda was environmental changedamages. This point is one of the things that community is worried about. There were questions were asked such as who are responsible for cracks that occurred on residence houses after heavy blasting. And who is responsible for unwieldy route which was destroyed by heavy transporting tracks. Mine representative said they did a savvy of cracks and still trying to get to the route cause of these cracks, anyone can see that these people are lying. Some community members were concerned about soil, land, sound when blasting and air pollution. Some were sad because vegetation will be cleared these means livestock should be moved or die. The community understands little on who is responsible and who should be held liable for all this injustices. But community said in the next meeting they want an answer to who is to account to all damages that occurred and will occur in future. The mine representatives said they will call a meeting soon.

By Bakang Tlhapane

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