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Illegal Mining in Springs

Unemployment is on the increase which makes community to look for help even in the Dangerous old mine shaft without mining knowledge and everyday our brothers are dying but they don’t give up. Aurora mine is Springs in Ekurhuleni surrounded by small section like Lindelani, Dersley and Eastvale.

The is still a lot of activity in near the back of Lindelani where the are still lot of open mine shaft. Illegal miners have no problem or trouble in getting to shaft that have been sealed off they always open new holes or stealing the steel covers and selling them for scrap. Last weekend five men allegedly died underground due to smoke inhalation, the men’s bodies were located around two and half hours walk the entrance to the shaft 3.

EMS spokesman William Ntladi told us that they are still trying a way of retrieving the bodies and he was hesitant to reveal which shaft have been sealed so far, fearing that this  might aid the various illegal mining syndicates. He says that they have been told by various illegal miners about the network of tunnels underground, many of them interlinking with each other. He continued that the problem with the illegal miners they even mine into the supporting walls, once those are gone these tunnels become unstable, very dangerous for them.

The problem in this area most of people are not working which makes it difficult to stop illegal mining but we suggested that communities must be capacitated on mining and the danger they are facing underground. Remember where are the people who were mining and did not rehabilitate the land we be able to hold them responsible for this.

Ekurhuleni Environmental Org