Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Mmaditlhokwa community relocated by Tharisa Minerals

By Rusty’s monitors and Mr J.J Mputle

Mr Mthobeni Johannes Motlhoki a resident of Mmaditlhokwa relocated by Tharisa Minerals was interviewed by the Rustenburg Monitors.

He said that “he came to settle in Mmaditlhokwa in and around 2006, he is a pensioner living as a celibate bachelor. He used to work for UNITRANS  a Fright bulk carrier transport company and hence he reached his pensionable age his services are no longer required and was offered R46 000 as a take home lump sum in 2011 but it is not extinguished”.

(Mr Mthombeni in a yellow t-shirt)

He complained about the fact that they have no title deeds, the size of the yard, no water taps, and the communal water tank is available at some comfortable distance to walk, and there is no electricity so the source of fuel is gas or paraffin. The shack is not divided and there is no privacy. The mining house likely does not show any prospects of future development. They hold public meeting in an empty stand.

The is corruption, and there are allegations that  people buy stands with shacks for about R5000 paid to the councillor there is a rumour that he has  lavish accommodation at Mooinooi, and he has luxurious car, house under development. The recreational facility maintained by the municipality is exclusively used by the 24 year old councillor.

Mr David, a victim of brutality and mob attack, he was assaulted, hospitalised by a recalcitrant mob in the community for assisting a vulnerable female resident who was attacked by the mob in her shack by unruly elements. Be forced to move out because someone bought her stand and shack. The Mmaditlhokwa community is one community that is living prove of mining companies’ oppression at the hand of corrupted leadership.