Tunatazama - Community Monitors

My waste dreams

Dumping site which are illegal around Emalahleni is a big concern especially in Kwaguga Extension.  This is caused by poor municipal waste management service and lack of education in our communities to understand why they should not dump rubbish in the street. Illegal Dump sites are an ongoing problem in my communities that looks like nobody cares. No one from the Municipality has ever come into our communities to tell us why are they not collecting rubbish in our communities.

Pollution goes into the streams

As a result of this illegal dumps sites, there a is a problem of bad smells around the houses next to them, the people living close to this dumps they hardly opens their windows on hot days because of the bad smells.  when it raining the water flow or runs into our streams and they get polluted.  The illegal dumping can cause serious health problems for the communities and land. I think about the kids who like to pick up anything, it also dangerous. I don’t understand why is there a problem for municipality to clean this areas.

I believe as communities we can initiate cleaning this dump site, create parks and force the municipality as they play a crucial role in making sure that collect rubbish weekly as scheduled, I think the issue wiill be resolved. My wish is to community clean and healthy for everyone.